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We are a group of chemists who make, study, and use a variety of interesting materials. Our areas of interest include confined liquids and glasses, porous solids, and size-exclusion chromatography.

The projects in this group all involve the control and understanding of material properties on nanometer length scales. Some of us develop new chemical approaches to forming uniform nanocrystals and highly ordered porous solids. Others focus on using these materials as tools for answering fundamental questions about nature, such as the characteristic length scales in glasses and liquids. Finally, all of our materials research may impact emerging technologies in areas as diverse as bioinformatics and photonics.

We are committed to exploring these exciting directions and identifying the underlying scientific issues which will be central to their eventual success.

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Selected Publications

Virus Crystals as Nanocomposite Scaffolds

Synthesis of monodisperse iron oxide nanocrystals by thermal decomposition of iron carboxylate salts

Recycling Size Exclusion Chromatography for the Analysis and Separation of Nanocrystalline Gold